Health And Safety

Brio Gold makes safety a priority.

As such, we believe it is the sole responsibility of each individual on the team to prioritize their safety and the safety of those they work with at all times. We have several committees, at both the corporate and site level, that oversee and audit our safety performance frequently. Alongside these committees, we work closely with trade unions which emphasize occupational health and safety, proper environmental monitoring, providing personal protection equipment, and an employee’s right to refuse work that they deem unsafe.

Accident Prevention

Every one of our operating sites has an internal Accident Prevention in Mining committee, as well as a local committee that addresses occupational health and safety matters. The committees cover all employees, and are formed by representatives of the employees, who are appointed through voting by all employees. These committees, which comply with local laws, meet monthly to review incidents, adherence to standards and policies, audit results, geotechnical assessments, and evaluate proposals to improve safety performance. We also create temporary or sub-committees to manage unusual events and develop solutions to any potential problems.

Prepared for Emergencies

Although we work hard to mitigate our risk as much as possible, we also recognize the need for emergency preparedness. Every site has an emergency response plan and conducts simulation exercises, followed by a critical analysis that evaluates responses and recommends improvements. Further, all of our underground mines have a sufficient number of refuge chambers to shelter all employees safely during an emergency.